When the challenges of aging arise, family members often spend considerable time and money coming to the aid of their loved ones. While there may not always be a perfect solution, there are many options available to minimize the chaos and confusion which often accompanies changing circumstances. Changes in your family member’s condition can make the requirement for professional help urgent, or you may have the luxury of being able to be proactive in anticipation of upcoming needs. In either case, you can rely on Autumn Transitions to become your trusted partner.
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We visit with you and your loved one, evaluate their needs, and arrange for the best care to maintain their safety, independence and dignity. We work persistently to make sure that the wants and needs of older adults requiring assistance are provided for. We are the HUB of their senior care wheel, making sure all aspects of their lives are attended to properly. This dedicated support gives older adults and their families the freedom to live fuller lives. Our commitment is to our clients. YOU are our client. We work for you.
We wholeheartedly believe in a client-centered approach; flexibility, compassion, understanding and patience are the tools of our trade.
We know from our own experience with over a decade of family caregiving that dealing with the challenges of aging family members can be very time consuming, confusing and emotionally draining.
The support and additional resources made available to you through our extensive network of trusted partners will ease much of the anxiety and negative emotions associated with overwhelming circumstances.

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Randee has been so much help to me she has changed my life. She makes sure my doctors really hear what I’m saying, she broke through red tape to fix problems with my Medi-Cal benefits, she hired reliable In-Home helpers, and she made my home much safer and easier for me to move around in. I really wonder what I would do without her!

Ann M. Simerly,
Age 90